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    From Gen2 to Gen4 ACR

    Lately I've been really kicking around the idea of trading my Gen2 ACR in favor of a Gen4 ACR. I love my gen2 but Ive also always loved the Gen4 ACRs. I've personally never driven a Gen4 in general, and I know alot of you guys have both, so just wanted to ask some general questions. Oddly one of my concerns is comfort, and I know that's a relative term. One of the nice things about my car now is that once in, it is fairly comfortable and I can take a longer road trip with no fatigue or feeling claustrophobic. The Gen4 cabin looks a but tighter, can anyone comment as to that? And does the A/C actually work unlike a Gen2? Cabin heat, etc? Just looking for some general opinions or thoughts. Thanks!

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    Doing this exact switch now, have a 97 GTS and my 2009 ACR arrives tomorrow morning. Extremely excited for the newer Viper, 6060 trans, 8.4l motor etc. I have heard nothing but good things about Gen 4s and the ACRs. From all the research I’ve done, the AC actually works, and the seats are incredibly comfortable (compared to Gen5 especially). I’ll report back once I drive it a bit!

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    A Gen 4 ACR is a little more refined, but by no means comfortable. It's a track car and feels like one, especially when you get away from the terrible (and imo unsafe) stock rebound settings on the coilovers. I don't know your definition on long road trip, but I drove mine from San Antonio to Tomball (about 200 miles) to have some maintenance done and it felt more like work than a nice drive comfort-wise.....not terrible, but not exactly a Cadillac either. I'm not sure about the cabin size, as both are tight. The visibility and blind spots are probably worse, mostly from the wing. I like the seats in both.

    The AC is way better.....not even close. I've driven in 105 degree texas heat and been cool inside. In a similar setting the Gen 2 would have been running hot and the AC would have shut off.
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    The bolsters in the GEN IV are tighter than a GEN II so depending on ones size will dictate the comfort level. The heat issue is much better as the GEN IV has no crossover plumbing to heat the interior. Both are great cars overall, but the refinement and performance have been turned up obviously.

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    I drove my 2008 to Detroit and back (9 hours each way) and was at no point uncomfortable. I've also taken many 3+ hour unbroken trips in it. AC has always worked fine and being a Hardcore package car I lack a radio and sound deadening. I'm 6' 1" around 205 for reference. My car has a ton of track time but has never annoyed me on the street. Only comfort item I wish it had was cruise control for highway driving.
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    It's better in every single measurable metric by a mile as a much newer model would naturally be. Performance, brakes, suspension are miles apart.

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    I've driven can't go wrong on that upgrade.

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    I had an 01 ACR for several years, and drove it 10+ hours many times to CA and UT and more. The rear springs were buckboard stiff on 2005.5 and newer G2 ACRs, scary on rough roads or twisty downhills. Mistakenly over-spring rear. Long STory. I changed springs in 4 mos of ownership, and so have 150+ DSI-shocked ACR owners. Scary Stiff.

    My 09 ACR is a much 'nicer-better' car all around, but the G4 cockpit elbow and hip room is TIGHTER than a G2. If you are a big-guy like me, you'll notice.
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    Thanks guys. Ive tried to update my G2 ACR to at least be comparable to modern cars performance-wise. Heads/cam, making ~520WHP, coilovers have been rebuilt and re-sprung, stoptechs all around, etc etc. So I dont think itll be a huge jump, performance wise, to a stock G4.. Ive just always wanted a big winged ACR. Ideally Id like to keep mine and just add the G4 ACR, but not sure if thatll be possible.



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