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Thread: Door Seal Loose

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    Door Seal Loose

    What kind of adhesive should be used to reattach the piece of plastic that has become detached.


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    That's probably flexible vinyl film of sorts. A few things come to mind. If you can get behind it easily you might use Gorilla clear 2 sided tape. You can also use Weldwood contact cement. I think the small container has a brush in the cap. I'd mask off the surrounding area and apply it to the body side and let it dry completely first and then push the film back down. Contact cement will harm paint so be careful if you go that route. The clear tape is safer but would be harder to get perfectly in the right spot.
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    Daves right, it is vinyl. Contact cement may best. I've actually recreated these based on the original template and material for the very reason of peeling over time....

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    Go to a sign shop and match the vinyl and have them use the old one as a template. It closes off the body panel gap fo appearance reasons.

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    I'll try and clean up the area and give contact cement a go. If that doesn't work I'll do what Viper Pit suggested and try a sign shop. Thanks for the input!


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