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    Best place to buy new bodywork screws

    I have a 2000 GTS and all the side skirt and underbody screws are all corroded. Does anyone know where I can find higher quality hardware that won't corrode?

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    stainless steel at the hardware store, the factory stuff is just coated regular steel

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    Tried Home Depot but couldn't find the same shapes and thread pattern.

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    Ace Hardware or True Value

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    This might help. Take a look.
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    Thanks guys

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    My '01 has zero body screw rust. Its directly related to your climate. Or the previous owner's climate. I'd personally keep the black phosphate screws on areas that don't show. They are actual automotive screws, look more correct, and are stronger for whatever that adds.
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    Try belmetric. Other then Mcmastercarr they are my go to for most hardware.

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    The hard part is making the match.
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