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    1993 Viper RT 10 Side exhaust color

    Greetings to all !!

    I am looking into buying this 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10

    I looked at some pictures and it seems like the side exhaust panels have been repainted.
    They are all red, same as body color.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe all early Vipers with side exhaust had dark grey/black exhaust covers. Right ?

    See photo
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    Original color was black.
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    Yes, the Ribbed section and exhaust exit were Satin Black.

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    Thanks !!
    I cannot understand why anyone would paint this !! If this car checks out and I buy it, first thing I do is paint it back to original color.
    It shouldn't be that hard for a good paint shop, right ? All they have to do is tape up the rest of the side panel and match the color to the original. I will be needing your help here to find the exact correct color. Is there a Dupont color code to match ? I believe it is satin finish right ??
    (are there other parts of the car painted the exact same color to match ? I believe my paint shop uses a sampler to match the paint, so it will be easier for them to use existing part of the car)

    Thanks !!

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    There are two reasons why this was painted red:

    1. There was damage and owner decided to color match the sills with the rest of the car.
    2. The owner wanted to give the car a more lower to the ground look and so went for a unified color contour.

    My previous 94 was color matched and I didn't quite like it. It takes away from the original cobra theme.
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    The exhaust "pipes" color matched the windshield header.
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