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    Has anybody used Valaya Auto or Walnut Creek Dodge


    I live in Phoenix but looking to have Valaya Auto do a PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) for me on a car up in that area I am looking to purchase.

    From Valaya's website (and owner of car I am looking at) it looks like they work on Vipers. Has anyone used them, do they know these cars, and are they recommended? The other option is to use Walnut Creek Dodge. A dealer is ok for the PPI, but would rather have a shop do the work that knows these cars well.

    Any and all information is appreciated.
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    I use Walnut Creek Dodge. They have Viper Techs at that dealership. Been there about 5 times since I got my Viper and everytime I've been there there have been at least 1 or 2 being serviced.



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