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    Event Dates 2019


    1st New Years Day Brooklands Surrey Classic and Sportscar meet. There is an entrance fee, the cafe will be open for Bacon Rolls and Breakfasts. Opens 9am till 4pm.





    30th May - 2nd June, French club Viper Passion are organising a trip to the Volcano region of France, Auvergne, puy de dome!
    Details here
    We have at least 3 Vipers from the UK joining this trip. Due to the Event location we will need to take a day or two either side to get there. So being realistic its a week vacation.
    Attending so far is Myself, Neil Williams and Andrew Blackmore. Please contact me if you would like to join in the fun. Registrations close 15th January so be quick.
    27 Vipers attending so far


    1st June (Saturday), The Supercar Event, New Venue, Goodwood Circuit! The Children's trust are again putting together a great day with the Goodwood events staff,
    the idea is you give paying passengers rides around the goodwood circuit, in return you get to drive your car in a safe manor at speed.
    You will be expected to arrive early and stay for the full day giving as many rides as you can. there will be a lunch break where catering is normally supplied free in the way of a burger or bacon bap, tea coffee or a soft drink and of course water. There will be overtaking areas on the track but this is NOT a Track day. Overtaking is only permitted in certain areas with the driver in front aware you are going to safely overtake them. Your car must be in roadworthy condition and will be checked that seat belts and tyres are in good condition. Helmets are not normally necessary unless you are in an open top car.
    All monies raised go to the Children's Trust.
    I am trying to find out from the trust if DB limits will be raised as I know many of the Supercars that usually take part have performance exhausts.
    If your car is under 110 db you should be fine, but I know many are not!
    Sadly I won't be at this event as I will be in France.
    Please contact me if you would like to drive the Goodwood Circuit.

    20th - 23rd June, 20 Years Viper Club Germany Euro Weekend Trip (National Viper Event)
    The weekend event will be in the Dusseldorf Sauerland area. We will also be Visiting the Mona Dam where the Dambusters put a hole in it in WWII
    Again a day or two either side is recommended for these fantastic long weekends.
    So far we have 5 Vipers from the UK attending. Cant Wait!
    At least 38 Vipers attending so far!
    Details have been sent out in previous emails, but please contact me if you would like to attend.



    3rd -4th August Beaulieu Supercar Showdown Club Stand on both Days Please contact me if you would like to display your car and take part in any demonstrations.



    5th - 6th October Anglo American Hill Climb Prescott, Im gathering Information on this with the Possibility of a Club Stand. More details to follow.


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