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    Anyone know how Nitrous controls are incorporated into Gen 2 PCM s when tuned

    I'm specifically inquiring about the 1996 GTS PCM.

    The question is are then unused PCM pins that can be used for nitrous control? Some people program the AC pin for nitrous in other cars (if there is no AC.) Need at least 1 for a dash nitrous on/off switch to tell the PCM. And possibly another pin from the PCM to control the actual nitrous solenoids.

    If no pins are available, how do they pull some timing out for nitrous? Or do they just pull back the timing a couple degrees whether nitrous is being used or not?

    If the PCM can support a dash toggle, that could also be used for 2 fuel octane timings.

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    Dibs on your radio if it's still good after you blow up the car.
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    Funny! (Do you really think the radio is that good? It does thump some - I has a power amp in the trunk. Thought it might be an aftermarket but never had time to check if it was OE - previous original owner spent a ton of money on this car so is good chance is a/m. The head is an Alpine and does CD's.)

    Previous owner put 123 bottles through a 150 shot. 511 na and 675 juiced. Tuned was solely a VEC-1. Bot car with 60k on it, good compression good and less than 1 qt oil between changes. Has 80k now. Even if I get a good tune, the VEC is staying so I can continue to adjust for octane and altitude - and nitrous if PCM is too primitive to handle nitrous.

    The reason I ask is that if there is no way to toggle the PCM, tune will have to run less timing just in case nitrous is used. If that's the case, will need VEC-1 to tweak timing back when not on the juice. (Of course danger is an emergency situation, like an impromptu race, can easily forget to dial back the timing...)

    NOTE: found a pic of my radio: (guess it is stock - about the only thing stock on the car....)
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    Was this Bad Viper's car ?
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    Yes, it's Wayne's car! (Where I'm from, we always refer to a car or car part as being the previous owner's. "Hey, when are you going to sell me Dornen's slicks? is how we talk! Haha They won't be mine until I sell them!)

    I'm still sorting it out since the car is still in NV and I live in PA - I'm only in NV 2 weeks a year.

    I did get the carbon hood to lay flat with headlight gaps less than 1/2" - they were 1-3/4 and 1-1/4 when I got it.

    Never did come up with a bottle mount that allows one to change a rear tire... 1 or 2 small bottles on the sides would work but so many valves...

    The asshats that made the CF halon bottle made it in two halves and then glued them together. Of course the glue is failing and they want something like $500 for a new glued together one which is a total joke. I guess it's all about the CF craze.

    Lots of trials and tribulations. The mechanical work was done properly. I replaced every single suspension/drivetrain bushing, hub, bearing and put an aluminum flywheel in it with a custom Center Force clutch.

    Was thinking of a cam upgrade but the JTEC programming has too many issues out of my control - I'm a built my race car with my own two hands and handing it over to a tuner gives me the shakes especially ever since I got totally burned on an LS1 Z28...

    One thing I'm going to do is put widebands in it AND an OBDII gauge for timing - that way I can accurately set the VEC-1. Frankly I think every modded car should have a VEC-1 just to be able to tweak the timing/fuel if required - especially for different fuel octanes.



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