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    South Florida 1 2 Mile Shootout January 2019

    Hey folks. Just wanted to throw some photos up a friend of mine took while Rick (Dodge_Guy) & I made a few passes. There were two other Vipers that ran. One was a Gen V with a Novi blower on it and the other was a gentleman that had a Gen II he just picked up and had Doug Levin make a few "tweaks" to. He is not a VOA member yet, but I think he will be soon!

    I'll let Rick chime in on his top speed of the day but I will say that I saw him rattle off a 176 MPH pass early in the day. My top documented speed ended up being a 149 MPH. I think I may have squeezed out a 150 MPH run (I saw 151 on my gauge as I passed the second box on the speed trap) but they had a problem with a few slips and I was handed a 166 MPH speed. I know I did not do that, but I think that I may have just hit my target speed on that pass. Main problem was the track was real dusty and keeping traction in first and the bottom of 2nd was tough. I was on a new set of Michelin Super Sports. Anyway, had a blast and made plenty of passes letting me stretch those legs a bit. Definitely something to consider the next time they come down.

    This is not the sharpest shot in the world.... but spanking a Vette..... hell yeah, it's going up.

    And then some of mine....

    Outrunning the plane! Hahaha...

    Mine or Rick's? Hmmmmmm??????? It looks slower..... it's mine ;-)

    Here's the Gen II. Car was real nice. He had just put a blower on there and was playing with some nitrous as well. I'll let Doug introduce him is he comes across the photos....

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    Looks like a great time. I had some buddies that were planning on going but got scared off by the rain in Miami. Congrats on the times!


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