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    Pre Orderfor Maurice Liang's Book VIPERS 25 years of Hissstory

    We just want to remind you that if you’d like to purchase a copy of Maurice Liang’s new book, “VIPER – 25 Years of Hisssstory”, and you haven’t done so yet, you need to order it now. The book is available on a pre-order basis (he’s only printing a little over what is ordered) and will not be available through bookstores or Amazon later.

    Maurice has been working on this book since Viper production ended in August 2017, and has documented the complete history of the Viper from the 1989 concept car to the last Gen V. He takes you behind the scenes during the development of each of the generations for some glimpses at why things ended up the way they did, what might have been, and what actually happened. In addition to covering all the generations of Vipers, there’s also a chapter on Viper’s racing legacy, written by Shawn Romig, a chapter about some of the vendors that played a role in Viper history, and the foreword is by father of the Viper, Bob Lutz. There’s some previously published material (after all, it’s history), as well as some never-seen-before material from original Team Viper members as well as his collection.

    The hardcover book is 272 pages, printed in full color, and will be a true collector piece. For the first (and probably only time) the entire history of all the generations of Vipers is captured in one place.

    The files are at the printer, and it will take about 3 months to print and ship the books. Price is $95 plus shipping.
    Order now at
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    Tell me you have shirts available with your Avatar. That is awesome!!
    2 books ordered long time ago by the way. Can’t wait!!
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    Maurice should think about doubling the production of the book. I think most will want multiple copies after it comes out, if only to give to friends/relatives. And the enormous possible response from the public in general.
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