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    Demon Diffs Exploding

    This video is brutal to watch.
    You've been warned.

    Dodge Demon Diffs exploding

    The way I understand it, the ity-bity pieces of drive-n-carrier gears (etc) being left on the ground is only half the damage.
    The drive shaft is all spun up.. breaks lose.. n' beats the living crap out of the undercarriage of the car.

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    The cars were designed to take about 100 launches in them. A lot of novices are also not launching the car as designed and the violent surge shakes everything in those cars. There are a few diff braces with a new one in the works to help with all the shake. This is even occurring on stock tires. Dodge is aware of this and hopefully will step up with a resolution. You can't design a 9 second car and expect people not to use it.

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