This was a video series that I did a couple of years ago, that was posted on The Rag Company's Youtube channel. I decided to also post it here in order to get it some more eyes, since I'm always hearing from folks who are on a budget. Hell, with the cost of a Viper these days, I don't blame you guys.

This video will help you folks out. In this video, I offer a cheaper alternative to the more expensive products that I use in order for you "starving college students" to be able to fix your paint on a more "wallet friendly" playing field. Keep in mind that good products are NOT cheap by nature but you get what you pay for (for the most part).

You may have to swim through the hype in order to find those quality products but that's why The Junkman is here. I will help guide you past the Hype Train station and get you on the yellow brick road. Shineville is just on the other side of Oz and I hear that the BBQ ribs are off the chain! Stay on the yellow brick road!