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    Transitioning from the back straightaway to the turn at 10 is the place (note the amount of skid marks on the track in the video) where quite a few people get themselves into a problem. (They come in too fast.) Also, if anyone is running a supercharger and your overflow tank is in the stock position, at least in a gen III or IV, make sure you lower its contents before running. The coolant on Supercharged cars gets hotter faster. The drain from that plastic tank empties out right behind the right front tire and the drips will end up under your rear right tire. If that happens at 10 as your braking, you might find yourself driving backwards or worse. The full road course without the banks is a superior road course experience. Once you get used to the banks and the gravity effects, the novelty wears off using the full banked NASCAR corners. Also, make sure you have a lot of water or other liquid like Gatorade to drink. It can be pretty warm here in May ( 85 average temp) and its even hotter by the pits and the area where you will be waiting your turn with the sun beating on the pavement and concrete. You'll all enjoy the track.
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    We still doing this event? When is it? I’ve won 5 Championships w FARA mostly at Homestead so I can help w instructing.

    I think the banking is safer than the infield. I’ve seen a lot of cars spin & hit the wall at 11
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