For those who do not follow the Schedule "Sticky" above:

IN/KY VOA...Meeting at NOON EDT May 11, 2019 at Dawson's in Speedway, IN

Dawson’s is a family friendly restaurant located on the north end of Main Street in Speedway. We will be seated in the banquet room of the restaurant. Go to their website to preview their menu, map and directions. There is plenty of parking along Main Street in this revitalized area.

Dawson’s on Main
1464 Main Street
Speedway, IN 46224
Tel: (317) 247-7000

See Link:


- The 2019 Indy Gran Prix will take place the same day as our meeting just around the corner at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After our meeting, you can easily walk or drive to the IMS and see the race later that afternoon. Please see the following link for additional details: https://www.indianapolismotorspeedwa...ix/buy-tickets

- The IMS will host the Indianapolis Cars and Coffee the morning of Saturday, May 11th during the IndyCar Series Grand Prix. Please Note: This Cars & Coffee is limited to 100 cars and is tied to admission tickets for the Grand Prix. If you wish to attend the Indy C&C, parking passes and discounted INDYCAR GP tickets must be purchased online at the following link: https://www.indianapolismotorspeedwa...kLINVCgyCIC41Y

For additional information on the IMS Cars & Coffee:

All Viper Owners are WELCOME at our meetings!!