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    Gen 3 Twin Turbo Guys Only. Oil Pressure Question

    Ok gents, I am looking at a Gen 3 twin turbo Viper that was built by M2K. Here is a link to it:

    Here's the deal. When the car warms up, the oil pressure drops to around 14 PSI...or a little over half up to the 25 PSI marker. Now, I realize a built 522 cubic inch motor that has aftermarket bearings will be a looser motor...and oil pressure will probably be a bit lower than normal. I also know that the service manual says a stock motor is fine that low at idle. However, this seems too low to me. I have never heard of any Gen 3 idling that low, regardless of what the service manual says. Anyway, when we cold start this Viper, The needle goes up and the needle is right in the center of the gauge. I have not asked what kind of oil and filter the car has.

    So, for you twin turbo Gen 3 guys with built motors, does your oil pressure drop that low (14ish PSI) at warm idle? Thanks in advance.
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    They probably don't know, but ask what oil was used in the last oil change. On 2 of my TT cars, they were all built loose and require 20w50 oil. On my Gen 3,(522 UR built) with 20w50, oil pressure is 30+PSI when hot. I would not feel great if that oil pressure is with 20W50.
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    My 88mm single turbo, built gen 3 engine in my roadrunner has about 15 to 18 psi oil pressure at hot idle with 15-50 and it has been fine after tons of street pulls and drag racing. I would only be concerned if it was that low anywhere above idle. It is 40 to 50 psi above 2000 rpm. It probably has to do with the clearances on the mains and rods. Boosted motors are set up loose anyways.
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