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    TX to Seattle WA

    Hey there Seattle area, 4 year Viper owner here in West, TX. I'm being asked by my employer to transfer out to Seattle this coming summer. I fly out June 3 to check out the area and decide if this is something I'm really going to do. I have a million questions about the area, but just couple one that I'm really curious about...

    -Do you all drive Viper year round?
    -How is the dealer support out there?
    -If I decide to do this, I plan to drive the Viper out there from TX..... might seem a little risk but it is something I really want to do, so other than the obvious interstates to get in, are there any back roads that would be better too take?


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    Have been to Seattle many times ...

    If you like sunlight, do not go ...

    ... unless there are BIG bucks for you.

    Traffic is the pits, also.

    There is some beautiful scenery ... much different than Lubbock.

    Politics much different, also.

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    Year round? Yea and no. Winter months can have few decent days, but depends on your tires and wether you can resist hitting go pedal as sunny usually equals cold.

    Dealer support is non-existant. Most use a trusted nearby independat shop or do it themselves.

    Skip all of the interstates and head to the coast and drive up 101 if time allows.

    How long will you be in town? We have an autocross at the Shelton airport on the 8th which is also 5 minutes away from our best local track (The Ridge). About 2 hours south of Seattle.

    I'm in Sammamish (2 lakes east of Seattle) and work in Seattle at the end of I-90. Let me know if you want to meet up and I'll try to answer your other 999,997 questions.



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