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    Driver door wiring harness

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, I couldn't find anything on the subject of harnesses. So, I have the typical drivers side door releases don't work (interior and exterior handles). I have read that the harness in the door jamb are usually the culprit. I looked and it looks like there have been some Jerry rigging there already. So, with that said, is there anywhere I can buy a new (or good used) drivers side door wiring harness? I would rather replace than do more wiring operations, however if I do it myself I will solder and heat shrink all wires I repair.
    Also, Is there a more permanent solution to these fragile wires? Like an improved harness?

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    How are the harnesses fragile? To use your description. It's the same wire that powers the lights and the engine. The radio and the air bag. If the door wiring is fragile then so is the rest of the wire and your car is therefore a dangerous rolling safety concern that should be removed from the road for the survival of everyone. Or, maybe wires that constantly are required to bend, just wear out.

    Used ones are available from the dismantling yards like Scharf and X2.

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    That is why they are fragile, they break at the point they are placed (I own 11 other cars with wires the same place and they don't break). Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, it just seems from what I have read they break (at that place) pretty regularly. I was just curious if someone found a solution since dismantling yards will eventually run out and none of our doors will work.

    Thank you for your reply though.

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    A different question. Is the left harness the same as the right since there are really no difference in controls?

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    BlueRoadster, most of the guys I know locally have taken the time to splice in new wires into that critical area...and they have been both successful and happy long term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRoadster View Post
    Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers...
    Too funny. Don't worry about Dave's feathers...his skin is thick and his head is too!
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    Thanks guys, do I need to lengthen the wires for more movement? Or is there any other way to help prevent this again?

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRoadster View Post
    Thanks guys, do I need to lengthen the wires for more movement? Or is there any other way to help prevent this again?

    Thanks again.
    I have zero experience with this particular issue, but I'm guessing that many years of flexing the wires during door opening and closing strain-hardened them and led to failure. I'd also guess that many old vehicles would suffer from this. The old Jeep Cherokees sure did.

    If you replaced as much of the old wiring with new wires, I think it would help. Not sure if grades of copper are more ductile in today's wire, but at least a freshening would help a lot. Reset the fatigue cycle, so to speak.

    Second thought... there's not exactly a lot of room in there, I bet, so the wires are pretty taught and don't have much slack in the hinge area. I'd just do what I could to give as much slack in there as you could. Some strain loops could help too, but again, no experience, so don't know what kind of room you have.
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    Thank you very much Bryan Savage, that is helpful. I was kinda thinking that too from Steve-Indys' reply.



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