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    New Owner with a few basic questions

    I finally got my dream car, a 2006 blue coupe, and Im not firm on the basics.

    What wax to you prefer?
    Mid grade or high end gas?
    Oil preference? (13k miles)

    Any other tips or things i should keep an eye on is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Chip...welcome to the Viper world...great choice of model/ color, by the way !!

    I will pass on the wax I favor polymers. Many go with paint correction then ceramic coating while others add clear bra type products after correction then ceramic coating.

    I use 93 octane in all of our tier...specifically Shell.

    Lots of different opinions here...some based on science, some based on ads, and some use what their grandaddy used. Your carr's factory fill was Mobil 1 0W-40 European Car Formula. Your OEM oil cap is so labeled. It is fine for street use. For hot climates and track use, many use MobIl 1 later used as factory fill in thhe ACR-X cars. You can pay a lot more for boutique oils, though I generally feel that is for more extreme use situations.

    You might want to move to thhe Gen III-IV section for more exposure regarding your questions.

    Again...WELCOME aboard !!
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    Thanks for taking time to reply. I was so excited getting this thing i couldn't sleep, so i just want to make sure i dont screw anything up.

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    X2 on the 93 octane gas. There is a detailing section here. You can read what others do to keep their Vipers clean and shiny:
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    Welcome Chip and congrats on your new car!!!

    Great color choice and you are at the right place to ask questions about your new beast. May I suggest a VOA membership?? I know everyone in your region can/will help you with any questions that you will have and there will be many!! In the mean time the forums here are the Best anywhere for Vipers and are full of information.

    Hope to see you soon!!
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    Watch out for the Stock Oil Cooler Lines. They are known to leak. Many go with lines by Dan Lesser.

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    Congrats Chip - we love to see the excitement!!!

    I'm partial to 2006 of course, you got the 'best' year :-)

    Gas, definitely 93 octane at all times.

    For oil - following the factory recommendation you won't 'screw anything up'. When tracking the '06 I add a little quantity per my mechanic's suggestion, but I don't change the weight or brand. The biggest thing with any Viper is to make sure you check the oil somewhat often even when you feel like you haven't put many miles on. I've never heard of an engine damaged by the 'wrong' oil, but plenty of stories of damage because there was not enough.

    Detailing - I have very little input re: wax, but I will recommend a foam cannon for washes if you plan to wash the car yourself. I foam the car with a neutral ph wash before touching it with any wash mitt and I think it has kept the micro scratching to a minimum.
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    Thanks a lot for taking the time, guys. I was up till 2am last night reading all the posts. You guys are a wealth of information, many thanks.

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    You started with a 2006 Coupe ... So you're clearly a bright guy!! Yes, I'm biased - Not the only Viper I've owned, but it is my favorite.

    Yes, 93 octane fuel. If you can afford the car, you can afford the juice. Lots of opinions and options on oil and detailing. Enjoy the ride!

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    Great choice of car and colour, is yours a First Edition like mine?


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    sonic, that looks like mine....except the stripes on my coupe are silver. I love it! Its like im 16 again, trying to think of excuses and places i need to go.

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    Nice car. Run 93 Top Tier petrol, Synthetic oils, add some Techron or Redline S1 fuel conditioner occassionally. Stay on top of tire pressures. Have Fun! Be safe!
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