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    Help need in a poorly stored viper


    New to this forum and I am glad to be a member. I found a 2006 viper for sale and I am very interested in getting it. But wanted to ask you guys what to look for in these cars before buying it. The car in question has only 9000 mile but was poorly stored. It was sitting in a garage for almost 10 years collecting dust. Found the coilovers busted, tires need replacement. The current guy looking after the car has changed all the fluids before posting the car for sale. Please advise on what to look for in these cars? Also what to look for from a stored car point of view as a 10 year storage period can't be gentle. Your input is highly appreciated!



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    Mice can and do eat things, lotssss of things; and nest in the V of the V-10, after munching lots of wires and vinyl. Trunk areas too. Seats too. Battery wont hold a charge. Rubber hose and line components all suspect.

    An un-started, abandoned motor has rusty internal cylinder liners in 50% of their swept area. Do you know how to "FOG" cylinders before trying to start the motor? Too late? [he started it? ]

    The fuel is/was suspect. Aftermarket coilovers $1500; Tires $1500;

    Coupes fare better than convertibles. Maybe. Humidity matters.

    Dr_dodge you gonna need a Dr.... Good Luck
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    If the car was sealed up and there was any moisture in it or in a humid climate, check for excessive smell or deodorizer to cover any up.

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    Check anti roll bar drop links for cracked / perished rubber boots. Same with steering rack gaiters.
    Just all the usual things you would check on an old car. Cracked torn windshield wipers. try and look under seats and see if there has been any evidence of rodents also smell of damp rotten carpets.
    If you can get under the car worth checking for any surface rust, see how oxidised the wish bones are, they are aluminium but over painted silver, the paint can flake off them if not cleaned and maintained. While you're under there check brake lines too.



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