Hi guys a bit of a long shot but worth asking anyway ...
Has anyone had or know anyone that has had the RSI 750sr n/a package on their viper ?. Apparently they did around 10 of these from what I am lead to believe. Mine was done from new in 2004 and only.done 18000 miles.

I recently bought my car and awesome performance but slightly lumpy, bucks at low revs. Obviously I am looking to smooth by replacing tps, iac, plugs and wires etc BUT just wondering if it's always going to be a "normal" characteristic of the car given the previous mods. Dyno session booked in shortly.

To make life harder ... I have spoken 3 times to RSI over the last 2 weeks and apparently No one works there anymore that would have carried out that build so they cannot even tell me anything specification wise at all which I find nuts but there you go ... it is what it is

Spec sheets attached from original invoices I have in the history file. I was keen to find out cam specs but again they can't tell me anything. So I'm guessing it must have something like a 710 cam or similar profile in there as takes off properly over 3k revs.

Is the 710 notorious for low speed bucking and that's life just enjoy it ?

If anyone else has had this package (likely around 2004 - 2006) and actually knows specs would be amazing to chat.

The only mods that have taken place as far as I know since were full race system e.g no cats

Huge thanksScreenshot_20191009-111020_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191009-111032_Gallery.jpg