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    Hello all! Used to be a member of the VCA years back with the same handle but when the scuffle all went down I took some time off but I'm back on hoping to learn and share and have a blast here. If anybody ever gets near the Hilton Head Island area, give me a bump on the board. My Sapphire "01" RT/10 is currently at ARD in Atlanta having the motor totally rebuilt with lot's of goodies inside. What a great and funny team they have there and very helpful and very easy to talk to. I was referred to them and was told they were top notch and would build a good motor. Staying NA but may boost later. Well, they are setting it up in case I do anyway. They have a Dyno so we'll see where we are HP wise in about another 3 weeks but it should be 625rwhp +/- and I'm hoping plus! We have the Concours D' Elegance here in a couple weeks and they have entered a "Viper Heritage" segment to the show which they will also do in Amelia Island in March. I guess some higher ups from the SRT and program as a whole will be there running through the history and heritage of our cars...pretty cool! I was asked to enter my car but cannot because it will be in the shop still.
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