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    Road Atlanta

    Spent the weekend at Road Atlanta great track. Was able to run a personnel best of 1:26.6. But my fastest lap right until the end was my favorite. My predictor was telling me I was going to run a 1:26.4. I wanted a 1:26.3 (for personnel reasons) and I was pressing coming over the hill and just about lost it at a little over 100 MPH BUT was still able to run a 1:27.1 witch is still a great lap.

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    Awesome; such a great track. Thanks for sharing the video.
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    Wow , great lap and bit of a pucker factor going down the hill into turn 12, ha!! My favorite track in the US and that was honking around RA, and, yes, you should be quite pleased with your times in the 1:26 range!!
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    Definitely a great lap at Road Atlanta. Yes, the crest coming over the final hill has caught many a driver out. Better to modulate the throttle a bit through that section and track out a little further to set up for the apex at the bottom of the hill. Nice recovery nonetheless.

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    Nice and congrats on your new PB! I was watching a NASA race video this am with BMW e-30's, your ACR is a whole lot faster!!!

    I'd love to get there and run, saw a few IMSA races in the 90's when I lived there.
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    Glad you gathered that up! I had feared worse when I first saw the video description in my feed yesterday. Well done!
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    Ripping! Well done.
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