As 2019 winds down, we want to offer a sincere "THANK YOU" to all of our Members for their support during this past year (as well as all of the prior years in many cases).

As we look forward to 2020 (and the very busy schedule that has been planned to date), we particularly want to thank all of you who have already renewed for the New Year...specifically, 64.5 % thus far !! MANY, MANY THANKS !!!

For those who have not yet renewed at this BUSY time of the year, I will merely say that we HOPE that you both plan to renew and find the time to do so. At the regional level, the earlier folks renew, the easier it is for our Officers to plan a budget for our 2020 activities.

There are a few "guest Viper owners" on our mailing list who HOPEFULLY will consider joining the IN/KY Region for the coming year which will be FULL of all types of activities (cruises, car shows, NEV4, tracking opportunities, and service opportunities to name...just a few). Also OUR Members can/do receive DISCOUNTS on MOPAR parts at Indy's Champion C-J-D-R !!

You can RENEW (or JOIN) either by going on line at:



By calling 888-778-1545

On behalf of President Brian Austin and his excellent group of Officers and Board Members, we wish You and Your Family a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Steve Fess, "Special Ops", VOA IN/KY Region, Inc. 317-402-9013