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    Thought some of you might find this interesting. My youngest brother, a drag racer at heart, decided to build a road course track car. He found a long-abandoned 1950 Jaguar XK-120, added a C-6 Corvette suspension and a 600hp LS with 8-stack Ingelese injection converted to EFI. The dang thing only weighs 2300#! Even though he has a bolt-in 4-point roll bar with Petty bar (not installed in these photos), with a $20K paint job I'll bet it never makes it to the track. LOL
    Jag Beginning.jpg
    Jag motor installed 2.jpg
    Jag 1.jpg
    Jag 4.jpg

    Happy New Year!

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    Wow, that really looks old-school badass! Looks like a lot of fun.
    I used to have a reproduction 427 AC Cobra that weighed right at 2300 lbs and it was a serious performer.
    Hope you and your brother enjoy!

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    And we all thought that YOU must be the primo fabricator in your family! Looks like you have some very close competition.

    That car is gorgeous and the build is spectacular. If he won't road course it, perhaps you could borrow it for a few hours. Tell him that you're taking it to the car wash or something.
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    Wow! That would be badass to blow past new Mustangs and Porsche's etc. They wouldn't know what the hell just happened LOL
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