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    Anyone familiar with this 2013

    Hello, is anyone familiar with this Gen V? I did a little research and it was originally sold out of MD. THE R28/29 are completed. The aero kit may not be to everyones liking but it seems clean.
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    Good looking car and I like the wing.
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    If/when you go to check it out, make sure you hit the window defrost button and let it get fully up to temp to make sure it doesn't have the infamous rear window delete feature.
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    Ha!! Will do, thanks.

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    Rocfela, you might want to pause BEFORE you try a "field test" on the rear glass defroster switch. On the outside chance that the glass blows out, it makes a mess in the rear of the car. Down the road, owners who have experienced this blowout complain that they still occasionally find glass bits around the battery box, etc. Also, I am not sure that the rear glass is readily available for installation. Finally, the owner may (probably will) hold you responsible.

    You may also want to read through the thread linked below concerning the accuracy of the TSB assessment procedure...especially in inexperienced hands:

    By the way, some posted reports of this issue noted that it occasionally occurred in a few later model years...not just 2013-14.

    Best of luck in your Gen V hunt !!
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    Great read and sage advice Steve. After sleeping on it I think the wing is too much for a non ACR, the hunt continues....

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    Interesting thing about that car is the Carfax last entry on it is in 2019, and it’s reporting a tow in for service. Not entirely inspiring confidence.

    Aesthetically I actually like it. The vendor components are top quality, and the gunmetal is cool in person. It’d be a car to send to a tuner IMO.
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