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    1996 GTS Get which Body Diagnostics Procedures Manual and Driveability Manual

    There are so many Body Diag Proc Manuals. Each year they added to it. Would the latest one have the most up-to-date 96 information? or would the 96 only manual have more info or more specific?

    Here is the list of Body manuals in order of publication:

    96 Red
    96-97 Red
    96-98 Green
    99 Gray
    96-99 Gray

    EDIT: Turns out each year that manual superseded the previous year's. The above list is in order - the 96-99 supersedes all previous. Obviously the 96 and 99 are stand alone single year manuals which supersede no others. Knowing this, I found a really cheap 96-98 and ordered that one.

    Also told that there is a Driveability Manual which contains info on DLC Communication problems. I can't find this anywhere.
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    Get the 1996 books for a 1996 car. There are usually 3 diagnostic manuals with each year that supplement the factory service manual. Never heard of a driveability manual.
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    So the 3 Diags would be: 1) Powertrain, 2) Body, and 3) Anti-Theft

    I noticed a lot of people if they had a 98 for instance would have both the 98 and the 96-98 Body Diag Mans - does that make any sense? I could see having a 96 and getting the 96 and 96-99 Body Mans just to see if there were any revisions to the 96-98 models.

    EDIT: I discovered on the backs of the Body Manuals that each superseded all previous ones (except for the single year manuals.) They even published a 96-99 which superseded the 99 which implies maybe there is new/corrected into when a manual is superseded. The cheapest Body Manual on eBay was a 96-98 so I ordered it.

    MY PROJECT: Why is my DRBIII not communicating with my 96 GTS? It does as a Generic Scan Tool, but not as a specific year (94-97) Diagnosis.

    EDIT: After days of break out box scoping, for some reason, my DRB started communicating. This happened when I had the battery on charge at 14.5v - I don't know if this is relevant, but grasping at straws, knowing this, I figured I'd say it. The logic train voltages are complete different for: 1) Initial handshake, 2) Generic scan tool, and 3) 94-97 Diagnostics. What I saw on the scope was never discussed in any internet search hit except for 1) Initial Handshake. This is very perplexing. I'd like to get my hands on the ISO 9141-2 standard but they want money for that. May look for it on "Pirate Bay"
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