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    Need wiring help with Audio

    I am trying to wire up an AVH-3500NEX and I have the wiring diagram for the unit and the adapter CR02B from Scosche. Eight off the bat it says yellow is constant and red is ignition power. The 03 viper has red, which appears to be constant and red/white that appears to be the switch... so now I'm wondering what all wires are what... I hate to just guess based on position in the harness. Thanks ahead of time.

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    The aftermarket has adopted a color code for the wire colors which makes it easy to install. You basically just have to connect the red wire on the radio to the red wire on the harness adapter, blue to blue, etc.

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    The colors don't match. The female harness in the viper has no yellow wire at all. I don't know how to post a picture on here or I would show you.

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    Interested in the radio wiring diagram as well. Specifically the purpose of the small connector as my radio seems to function the same whether it is plugged in or not.


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