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    Hagerty Initial Arizona Results 2020

    "Dodge Vipers in Excellent condition, especially early RT/10s, are generating a lot of interest this week as well. Sale prices were nearly 50 percent above expected results based on Hagerty Price Guide values, with Barrett-Jackson selling a 1995 RT/10 for $69,300, or 69 percent above expected."

    More good news on the way from Hagerty......Stay tuned
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    I think there has been a school of thought that the Gen 1 would eventually have it's day since it had been stagnant for well over a decade and a half. There were those active in the Collector Car field who felt the Gen 1 was like the forgotten child of the Viper family ( much like the initial years of the Corvette). The comparison of the early Corvettes languishing for close to 50 years with little high value , was used as an example of the early Vipers lack of growth or interest , market wise. With the Viper no longer being made, and some Viper owners having all Generations but the first, the inevitable seems to be happening -- the early models are becoming sought after. About time for this to occur, and overall with the closing of the Plant, there is a new realization for the Dreamers ( the Viper was and still is the stuff of dreams for many) you better get one now. Calls I get often seem to revolve around one main question, " How much are Vipers going of late? " The market will move as it always does, with consumer perception morphing into actual reality before many of are even aware this has occurred.
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    With availability tightening up, economy doing well. spring just around the corner, near term bodes well for these vehicles. Lots of free cash out there and with the baby boomers in retirement growing in number all is well.
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    Please explain the 300 mile 92 that sold for 55 at BJ



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