IN/KY VOA...SVSS#14 May 4-9, 2020 with Tom Sessions is FULL...for now !!!

Due to the excellent response that we have had from Fellow Owners...and, after consulting with Tom this morning, we feel it is in the best interest of all to declare that Special Viper Service Session #14 is now 22 Vipers.

That said, I would encourage everyone to drive their Viper(s) as soon as our Spring weather permits, and make note of any needs, concerns, or problems.

We will be starting to keep a "STANDBY LIST" today for those who need service...noting that historically, some Vipers that are already scheduled may "drop out" for whatever reason. In the case that this does occur again this year, we will start contacting the folks on the Standby List.

As always, if a true "Viper Emergency" does arise with any Member's Viper, please contact ME ASAP and we will do our best to assist you.

Thanks again for the wonderful response to this Session,

Steve Fess, "Special Ops" Coordinator, VOA IN/KY Region, Inc. 317-402-9013