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    OEM Gen2 rear fascia quot Viper GTS quot badge

    Hello all, hope you are doing well with all the craziness going on .

    I have a bit of a favor for whoever can help, or point me in the right direction.

    Just had my viper "softly kissed" by another vehicle when parked....... at least that is the term the individual used when they explained what happened.
    I was relatively lucky, but i have a feeling this is going to turn into a veritable nightmare.
    "Lucky" in that the "Viper GTS" badge/sticker literally took 100% of the damage and that even the surrounding paint is still flawless.
    "Nightmare" in that the "Viper GTS" badge/sticker literally took 100% of the damage and i have a feeling i will never find an OEM replacement.

    It is a 1999 GTS ACR in "viper silver", no stripes, a childhood dream to own, is otherwise impeccable and i would really like to simply find an OEM body colored badge. I am learning they are as hard to find as the rear hatch glass. Unobtainium i believe is the raw material ...

    I have looked on the various "go to" viper parts providers and all i can find are the chrome/stainless steel replacements.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks for the help and stay healthy.
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    Hey, sorry to hear about your little mishap. Luckily it only took out the badge as opposed to the rear fascia.

    I know you said you checked out the GO TO viper places, but did you actually call?

    For example, JonB at partsrack only has a fraction of what he can get on his site. Give him a call, or direct email. If he doesn’t stock it, he’ll point you elsewhere.
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    I have a Grey one, not sure if it is the same as "Viper silver"
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Ya, i have not called parts rack yet but it is good to know they have more than what is displayed. Will give them a ring tomorrow.

    99RT10, the grey may very well be the color i need. As i am sure you all know there was only one "silver" they really had for the gen 2s. I think the gunmetal color was introduced in 2000 for which the badge color i am sure was darker. If it is a mopar part and you are willing to sell it, send me a private message and maybe we can verify the color.

    Thanks again.

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    Sent you a Message.



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