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    Exhaust System

    I have a Gen 3 Viper (2004). I want to upgrade the exhaust system for louder, meaner sound. I was recommended the Corsa Performance Track exhaust. Is that about the best or any other recommendations? Also, where would be the best place to buy the aftermarket exhaust? Thank you!

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    You are welcome!

    I prefer the Corsa construction but I prefer for the Belanger sound.
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    Subscribing as I have the same questions.

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    The SEARCH KEY can find you many many hundreds of posts on this. Your OE 2004 has the dreaded sound-sapping, power-restricting, cockpit-heating CROSSOVER. Get Rid Of it !

    I vote BELANGER for the muscle-car-metallurgy, vs the Euro-sounding Corsa.

    HiFlow Cats help with temp coolness and mean-ness
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    i bought my gen 3 with the Mopar Performance exhaust. its basically 3" catless setup with a long muffler and no baffles or chambers. It was very throaty and deep and I liked it but the drone on the freeway was unbearable. I now have the corsa and it has a higher pitch than the mopar setup and instead of a blub blub blub idle its more of a plap plap plap sound. The car is cammed and sounds good but when I get on it, i preferred the sound of the mopar over the raspy corsa. The corsa has VERY VERY little interior drone which is awesome. I also daily the car so if you can deal with the extra noise and throatier exhaust note, PM me and ill sell you my mopar (BORLA) pipes for CHEAPPPP

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    I have M&M headers, catless, and currently have a 3" corsa. I like the sounds. It's more high pitched like above are describing. I changed from 3" Billy Boat. Loudness was about the same but the pitch was more lower like a muscle car. One feature I miss is at 2k RPMish it was very quiet, so easy to drive longer distances. I'll sell you the Billy Boat for cheap, if you want it.

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    Mopar 3 inch race exhaust and No Cats!
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    If you do headers get the Belanger system, but frankly get the Corsa cutback as it does not drone as much as others, yet sounds crisp on startup or under full power. You may want it louder , but with the exhaust right by your left ear , you will likely find it gets annoying on long drives.

    Whatever you do, do not get rid of your cats, as you are asking for decreased resale and honestly , often, a unburnt fuel smell. Virtually all Dealers need to report if a car has no cats, and in most States the car must be repaired to resell . You even have to report it if sold at most Auctions. When I was at Woodhouse we got to the point repairing screwed up exhaust systems with no cats that we figured a fairly heavy reduction in the car's resale. O2 sensors were often missing, the work was questionable and misaligned and often we had to purchase more than new cats to get the car compliant. Keep in mind the resale is on a continuous climb with the Viper at present, and a clean system built for the car is a plus. Anymore it is even smart to keep all the original parts. Jon
    B. can get you either cutback system and you do want to get rid of the crossover , as that is part of the issue of heat under your seat during the hot months. Nice plus is you will get rid of a little extra weight too.
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    Before you do anything I would suggest you ride or drive in other cars, Vipers or others before you make your decision. It is one thing to have the exhaust exit the rear of the car but with the side exhaust, you have the sound just a few feet from your ears. If you delete the cats, get ready for the smell. You might be fine with the noise, and maybe the smell (plenty are) but your passenger might not. Get ready for one ride and done. With the window down, that interior is a low pressure area so the sound and the heat get sucked in. Next the drone. You might have it, you might not; you might be able to tune it out, maybe not. All I am saying is that everyone has a different tolerance and acceptance level so find yours. I would heed what Bill says about the catless systems, then make your decision.



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