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    Newbie here and have a question opinions for you guys Viper GTS Coupe or Hellcat

    Hello Guys/Gals,

    So I have been a mopar guy the last 15yrs and they were all classic muscle (69 Roadrunner, 73 'Cuda 340, 72 Demon 340, 72 Roadrunner, 70 Challenger RTSE)
    Someone approached me to buy my 70 Challenger RTSE Plum Crazy 440 4spd Trak Pak car (1 of 142).
    If I get my price I'm thinking of going with newer muscle.
    I've driven a 96 GTS Coupe years ago that my friend used to own and liked the power. Didn't like getting in/out lol as i'm 6"4' and 230lbs. Part of the sale would go towards a viper or hc so if my budget is 40ish cash...what condition would I be looking at?
    AND...Styling cues Viper all the way...Horsepower Hellcat has it...Thoughts opinions?? If I go Viper what are problem areas to look for.
    No Ego here...I have NO mechanical I'll be paying for all things that need to be fixed.

    Here is my 70 Challenger RTSE


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    Hellcat or Viper?? For me I'll take the viper every day. While a Hellcat is not very common, when I drive around I see lots of Challengers and I'd venture to say 99% of the people can't tell one Challenger from another. I get lots of thumbs up when I'm driving my Race Yellow Viper. If all you want is huge horsepower then get the Hellcat. The '70 challenger you are looking to sell is a far more interesting car than the stubby looking current version. I've got a 528 Hemi Cuda that draws far more interest and appreciation than the Hellcats at cruise nights (back in the day when there were cruise nights) If you do sell your Challenger get the Viper. Great car, plenty of power, you'll feel good driving it.

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    I here the Hellcats have a lot of HP but they are very heavy and really just dragsters. Vipers are much more road racers. Vipers have balanced hp, braking, & handling

    I’m not a drag racer so I went for Viper.

    BTW I have a 69 Shelby GT350



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