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    Nice drive suggestions for South Bay Peninsula

    I've had my car now for about 6 months and only recently started taking it out on some nice backroad drives. 84 to Skyline, then down Hwy 9 on Memorial day, then 92 to Skyline and down 9 last weekend. The car corners a lot better than I expected, given its reputation of being a widow maker and such.... Can anyone recommend other nice drives that are suitable for Vipers in this area? I have a '99 GTS BTW and don't think I've seen any other Vipers yet since I picked it up. Have gotten some very strange reactions from other Mopar owners like the middle finger from a Challenger on the freeway, but that's a different matter...

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    This is the best summary of surrounding roads I have found for the Bay Area, and it is periodically updated:

    I've had my car (2001 GTS) in the peninsula area for about a year, and try to get out for a local drive once a week or so. You've hit some of the well known roads, which unfortunately also tend to be busy with non-enthusiast traffic and cyclists. Many of the fun roads feel a bit narrow, bumpy, dirty and a little too slow for the Viper, but there's definitely some good stuff. Skyline is great, especially when it is quiet. Rt. 9 probably has the best pavement of any fun road that I have found, but a low limit on the east side of Skyline. I recently drove Kings Mtn Road for the first time, and really liked it. A bit further away, Rt 50 and 88 up to Lake Tahoe are scenic and fun. Haven't gotten up there with the Viper yet, just been up for skiing in the winter.

    I usually just get lots of waves and thumbs up, especially from the weekend Alice's crowd. See you out there!



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