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    Augmented Reality Heads Up Display

    Coming out on the new S Class.

    Thought it would be interesting to post this. Check out the video.

    While there is a ton of information, I found it really really distracting.....Your thoughts on the technology?


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    It's a very interesting technology, but it seems to me that only when you control the machine it will be clear how effective it is. There are concerns that it will not help the driver, but on the contrary, distract him. Still, when images are projected on the windscreen, it's unattractive for our perception....

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    I think it has absolutely bad ass potential. There's tons of times I'm trying to find my way somewhere at night, trying to look at my phone's nav screen and trying to figure out the shape of the intersection, or see the painted lines, or the street signs, and I go the wrong way. I would LOVE a heads-up display or pair of glasses that could help me see what the heck I'm driving into.

    If it was limited to showing lane lines, street names, and adding navigation arrows like in the article photo, I'd be all for it. I could give two craps about any integration of social media or any other media in general.

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    It looks distracting and scary, but I'll tell you this, everything the new S class comes out with over the years has looked "scary and distracting", but all other manufacturers follow it within 5-10 years and most of it's safety technology becomes government mandated soon after. The S class is and has always been the best car in the world when it comes out and everybody else scrambles to copy the technology. I remember the "Distronic" back in 2003 it would freak my passengers out, and even now most car commercials I see on TV are just now screaming about how they have this technology 17 years later. lol. And my 2014 that I bought in 2013 drove itself before Tesla introduced "Autopilot" on the Model S in 2014.
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