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    50 cars would be great to get the price down, but would only recommend 15 Vipers on the track at one time. Are you going to get quailified instuctors for those drivers who have never been at CMP or have driven on a road course. NASA-SE and CHIN could idenify qualified instructors and we probably would not have to pay them...just offer them free track time. Really like the idea of corner workers and the safety you guys are thinking about requiring. As far as tracks go, CMP is a very safe course, meaning there are not many obstacles in your way such at VIR. A great track foor the experience and the first time driver. Glad to see you are relooking aat this event. We tried it several years ago, but when it came to pre-pay (which I highly recommend), we had 20 or so that were interested, but only 5-6 who were will to pony up the money. As long as you can keep it a true HPDE event I would be highly interested...reason for a true HPDE my insurance will cover me if someone hits my car.
    I thought the same about 50 cars. You can obviously break the drivers up into different run groups based upon experience, but even 15 cars in each run group at CMP can be a very busy track in comparison to VIR where there is a lot more room to run free. At CMP, when you have too many cars you get what I call the "accordion effect" with drivers of too many different skill levels braking too early into the corners and accelerating too late out of the corners. And then there is the issue of actually getting people to commit with money. I've coordinated several track days in the past and that is always a problem unless you open it up to a larger audience. Nonetheless, if you guys get enough people to go, I'm in.

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    I ran a few sessions at CMP yesterday as a guest of Ligier (they rented the track for a full day of test sessions). The new surface is amazing and it was fun running with the prototypes they brought. Killed off the Pirelli's that came with my car as they protested a bit during each session. Definitely could run faster lap times with a new set of Michelin's which are now on order. You guys will love the new CMP.


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