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    Carolina Motorsports Park repaved

    I walked the track yesterday and it is smooth as silk. The new owner is putting a ton of money into revitalizing CMP and creating a great facility. He invited me to a track event which has not been announced yet for August 15th so if anyone has interest in attending the first open road course day for street cars with DOT tires only (track surface still needs to cure a bit more race cars/tires) post up and I'll keep you informed. Fun times ahead.

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    What's the stats on this track?
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    I mean the stock tires on ACRs are basically race tires.

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    Hoosier R7's are DOT tires.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simms View Post
    What's the stats on this track?
    Here is a link:

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    Got the announcement today. I'll be out there.

    Be Among the First to Drive Your Car on CMP's New Surface

    Turn One Track Day
    Saturday, August 15

    Carolina Motorsports Park is hosting the first track day since the 2.27 mile road course repave! A once in a lifetime chance to be one of the first vehicles to drive on this fresh, professionally engineered surface.

    DOT-approved street tires only
    Tread-wear rating 100 or higher, factory cast into sidewall.
    (No "DOT Slicks" permitted)

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    What is going on n the 14th. I'd hate to make a drive from PA for only 1 day of track time...
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