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    I had the opportunity to see the C8 up close at my friends' car show this past weekend. It was white with blue stripe stripes. Nice color combo but it just diidn't have that wow factor. It looked like a Lamborghini, Corvette and a Camaro got drunk one night and ****** and had a baby. The C8 was the result of that. It was NOT ugly by any means and I wouldn't mind one but I didn't get that "Oh I gotta get one!" reaction I was hoping to have. It was cool seeing the engine in the back. Nice car.
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    Ỷeah its ok for a daily beater i guess. So chilly in the North East thất I had to put my Targa Top on for the first time in a month. First World Problems?
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    I dont care for the c8 wheels.. i wish chevy would have done better. I wonder what these look like with aftermarket sets...

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    Im just glad they are grey/silver because my last two vehicles had matte black wheels & it was time for a change.
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