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    Gen V Wheels on a Gen II GTS

    New owner of a Gen II GTS. Currently have Gen III wheels on it, however, really like the looks of the Gen V Venoms.

    I believe the car has been lowered ~1".

    Any issues putting the Gen V wheels on it?

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    The G5 fronts have a 3/4" wider offset..... minor lowering < 1" should be no issue. Dont want 305 or 315 front tires, have to stick with 275-285- maybe even 295 on G1-2 with G5 wheels
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    Thanks Jon, appreciate it!

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    FWIW I have a 2000 RT/10 lowered on Eibach springs & use the Gen V Venom wheels with Michelin PSS in 275 up front, 345 rear. No issues that I've noticed in the last 1k miles. I'm going to try for 285 front, 355 rears after these wear out.



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