In case you missed the email from Larry last night.

Dear Viper Family,
Firstly, we hope this note finds you and your family well and that you have managed to navigate this most interesting year. As we planned for 2020 after our Fall Dinner, we certainly did not expect a pandemic that would disrupt our families, congregations, businesses, jobs and our region. We have tried to be responsible and sensitive to the region and have made many difficult decisions to cancel events which even included the NVE-4 national event. We debated whether 2020 would simply be a wash. We were able to have a great Get-Your-Motor-Running event but then things changed. We managed a very small version of the Tail of the Dragon event but then things took another turn as the pandemic continued. Even simple Cars and Coffee events have been challenging as the list of cancellations and postponements continued to grow. We battle with wanting everyone and their families to remain safe and there is a growing desire to simply get together even if it means a little distance. With all of this in mind we have tentatively planned three events for the Fall. They are included in the attached form. Please complete and submit the form so we can gage the interest and make informed decisions about each of them. The answers are all Yes or No. We understand that some may not be comfortable with meeting in a group and others will. Both cases are completely valid and there is no pressure nor judgement on your decision. We are just looking to see who is interested in what so we can provide details if we proceed forward with all or any of the events.
Link to Survey