Copied from the Carolina thread. I'm going to be towing my car from Ocala.

Ironed out my details - see below. I'm not opening the event to general spectators, but +1's are allowed - just need to pay the cost for lunch ($15.00). I'm collecting funds now. Please read the entire message (it's sad I even have to say that out loud).

I am organizing a private track day at CMP on September 28. It's just for fun, no egos, no trophies, and multiple different cars will be in attendance. Catered lunch will also be provided.

The cost of entry is $285/person (car) and that includes lunch for one. Seat time can be shared, so two drivers in the same car split the cost. This is NOT for profit, so whatever the total cost is will be divided among the participants equally. At 25 people (I added 40 to the lunch group just in case to cover the corner workers and +1's). This breaks down to $285.52 per person for the day, including food. If we get more people, the cost will go down. If we don't fill it, you'll be refunded. This is a rain or shine event, and once booked, there will be no refunds or cancellations (minus the total cost breakdown).

The event will be structured with a brief tech inspection, driver's meeting at 8am, pass by point-by ONLY in the designated sections, and open track all day minus 12-1 for lunch. We may elect to do a few rolling shot laps after lunch if more of the group is interested in getting some action footage. This will be a LOW SPEED drive on track if we decide to follow through. Bring your own photographers.
For those that don't know what open track means, you can drive you car for as long as you can stand it, and as long as your car holds up. Most track days you may get 3-4 sessions. This track is large enough to handle nearly all the cars at the same time, which doesn't really happen anyways, so you'll have plenty of seat time. I am going to have an instructor, maybe a couple, but there will be enough of us going to show you the ropes. You won't learn it all in a day, anyway, so drive at your comfortable limit. New drivers, or drivers with no track experience I'm planning to let out solo only after a check ride is complete.
Driver safety requirements are a Snell SA2010 or newer helmet (not a motorcycle helmet), and jeans. No exceptions.
Also I will need to know if you require an instructor. If you have no track experience, the answer is "yes". That doesn't mean you'll have to have one with you all day, but the safety of the group is most important.

If you're interested, please reach out to me via PM. Again, taking payments now.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

Please PM Viperhauler