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    F1 for the uninitiated

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    That was fun!

    Have you noticed that both Heiniken Beer and Mercedes Benz have F-1 themed TV ads right now?

    VERY FUNNY, but only an F-1 fan would notice the 'underground' F1 references.... I suspect they were intended for European audiences.... 1 filmed in Monaco.
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    Thanks Scott, as an F1 fan from way back it was great fun and a nice illumination for many about how severe the forces are affecting the drivers who have the ability to drive at this level. I realized a long time ago ( back in my younger days, ha) that there was no way I could really drive one of these machines for very long. Though a novice , the presenter likely faired better than many would and did an exemplary job in describing how unbelievably difficult it is to drive one of these land based missiles. Likely it opened some folks eyes and proved the long held belief many of us have that to not regard a professional driver in many race series ( Nascar, IndyCar, Endurance Racing, F1, etc. ) as not just athletes , but supremely fit carbon based life forms!
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    That was fun. Guy did a great job.
    9grand idle, huh? WOW!

    Like a lot of professions...ya just don’t know till ya do it. Driving race cars is hard work.

    Thank you for sharing!



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