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    IN KY VOA SOCIAL GATHERING at Dawson s On Main Noon EST Sat Feb 13 2021 Speedway

    IN/KY VOA...SOCIAL GATHERING at Dawson's On Main Noon (EST) Saturday, February 13, 2021...Speedway, IN

    V.O.A. – Social Gathering

    Time: 12-Noon (EST)
    Location: Dawson’s On Main
    Address: 1464 North Main Street, Speedway, IN 46224
    Phone: (317) 247-7000

    Note: This is not an official Monthly Meeting, but a sharing of the opportunity for a social gathering for those who are feeling cooped up during the gray winter months. As per usual during the current Pandemic, one needs to assess their own risk status and comfort level prior to attending.

    This is a self-pay event.

    ALL Viper owners are WELCOME !!
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    Just might be there - and since I'm close may drag the snek with me!

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    Miss you all but the warmth of Florida called. Crazy down here, hardly any masks wherever you go and everything open as normal. Regulations that are posted aren’t followed most places we’ve been but we’re avoiding close contact with anyone including the neighbors and avoiding crowds. Hopefully will stay COVID free.
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