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    Spirit of Viper Press Release

    The Viper Owners Association (VOA) is pleased to announce a new initiative, the Spirit of Viper, to honor those associated with the Viper program.

    The initiative will dedicate a section of the VOA website ( to Viper team members from 1989 to 2017. The section will include team member biographies to offer insights on team members and Team Viper.

    Two honors within Spirit of Viper will pay tribute to those members whose vision, stewardship, leadership, passion and dedication produced an automotive icon. The two honors are Legends and Hall of Fame. Additional Hall of Fame members will be added yearly.

    The VOA has extended offers of Legend to and have been accepted by:

    1. Robert A. Lutz, Chrysler President & Chief Executive Officer
    Viper "Four Father" and concept visionary
    2. Thomas C. Gale, Chrysler Vice President of Design
    Viper "Four Father" and design visionary
    3. Francois J. Castaing, Vice President of Engineering
    Viper "Four Father" and engineering visionary
    4. Carroll H. Shelby, Viper "Four Father", Valued Consultant (Posthumous)
    5. Roy H. Sjoberg, Father of Viper and Chief Engineer

    The VOA has extended offers of Hall of Fame to and have been accepted by:

    1. Herbert J. Helbig, Vehicle Synthesis Manager
    2. Peter M. Gladysz, Chassis Systems & Design Manager
    3. James L. Sayen, Program Manager
    4. Sandy J. Emerling, Interior & Exterior Design Manager
    5. Richard H. Winkles, Powertrain Development Specialist
    6. Charles H. Brown III, Engine Design Engineer
    7. Kenneth C. Nowak, Vehicle Build Supervisor
    8. William F. Adams, Engineering Lead Mechanic

    "Four Father" was the description of the first photo for Mr. Lutz, Mr. Gale, Mr. Castaing and Mr. Shelby with the 1989 Viper Concept.

    The VOA, along with Team viper, would like to posthumously recognize the contributions of the following Team Viper members:

    1. James Royer - engine Design Manager
    2. Ira Fisher - Financial Analyst
    3. Frank VanWulfen - Electrical Engineer
    4. Frederick Krupic - Senior Stockroom Mechanic
    5. Albert Bederka - Design Room Supervisor
    6. Daniel Knott - Director of SRT
    7. Kenneth O'Donnell - New Mack Production Control Manager
    8. Robert Kane - Plant Craftsperson
    9. Jeffrey Jax - Interior Design Engineer
    10. Joseph Gall - Engine Design Engineer
    11. Lawrence Vermeersch - Lead Designer
    12. Ralph Youngdale - Chassis Designer
    14. David Swietlik - Procurement & Supply Manager
    15. Nippani Rao - Materials & Body Engineer

    The VOA would like to acknowledge the Friends of Viper who graciously contributed to help fund the Spirit of Viper Initiative:

    D'Ann & Wayne Rauh
    Moyer Collection
    David Hood Collection
    Bill Blewett & Kerrie Peterson
    Kenny Naill
    Steve Thorne
    Temple Performance
    Brian & Laura Willey

    For more information about Spirit of Viper, contact Brian Willey, Spirit of Viper Coordinator, at

    The Viper Owners Association (VOA), launched in 2013, is the premier organization for the Dodge/SRT Viper. With thirty-six world-wide regions representing over 7,000 members and enthusiasts, the VOA is the organization to enjoy, admire, gather and discuss all things Viper. On a given year, hundreds of events take place. Members enjoy virtual discussions with Team Viper, drives, autocross & track events, parties and overnight adventures. These regional, multiregional and national events foster the car culture, connect the Viper Nation, and infuse everyone with the "Spirit of Viper".

    SoV - Press Release 2021-02-15.pdf
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    That's awesome

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    Well Done to all involved on preserving the Legacy .
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    This initiative is a direct reflection of this great Club. As others have stated, being part of Viper, if even for a short time, was the best gig I ever had. It was not only the job, but all of the great folks associated with the car. Some say you "You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda" (motorcycles that is). I say you meet the nicest and most passionate folks in the Viper Community.

    The more one is around these fine folks who made the Viper come to fruition, the more one is in awe of what they accomplished as a Team!

    Keep up the awesome work.
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    This is a great idea, and so well deserved... Thanks a lot!

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    Very cool! Maybe I missed it or misunderstand the purpose of this but is there any thought to including someone like John Fernandez?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MO_Better View Post
    Very cool! Maybe I missed it or misunderstand the purpose of this but is there any thought to including someone like John Fernandez?

    Hall of Fame Members will be added yearly.
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    Great idea.. seems like one name is very conspicuous by its absence?

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    What a great idea, I like that!
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