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    Funny thing came in the mail today

    I got this from the club along with a sticker and a couple of badges with my name on them. It's a little over 2 1/2" in Dia. and about 9/32" thick and it has a radial bite taken out of it the size of a dime. I think it's made out of ceramic.

    Didn't work for a bottle opener.

    On a side note,
    I was wondering if any other chapters of this association. Received part of their membership fee's back this last year. Out west we received a $100.00 check.

    This was due to not having very many events this last year.

    With this crazy political infused virus that's been hanging on forever.
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    Gen 5 cup holder coaster?
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    Quote Originally Posted by uvbnbit View Post
    Gen 5 cup holder coaster?
    Yep. The letter that came with the item says it's a cup holder coaster.
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    I didn't read the instructions, my bad.

    Thanks guys, I was thinking I was missing out on something.
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