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    I wanna sell those radium-catching-cans........ lead shielding?

    Speaking of hi-tech catch cans.....

    My first aftermarket Catch-Can was for Power Steering fluid on my early 1993. I discovered I needed it during my first track day. 5/93

    I used an aluminum 35mm Film Canister, with a screw-on cap. [Remember Those?] and some salt-water-aquarium air-hose line.

    I drilled a hole in the canister cap, inserted the air line, and used silicone-sealer around that hose-fitting. The hose slipped right over the P/S cap vented nipple. I zip-tied the canister within EZ reach.

    After a track day, I would find about 1/4 teaspoon of PS fluid in the canister. Wipe Out, and go again. Worked for years. But I got MUCH better about siphoning fluid regularly and cleaning the PS cap and reservoir threads.

    I still chuckle about those other PS vent kits whose tubes vent hot PS fluid down to the ground....UNDER YOUR TIRES !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by New2Venom View Post
    Hi Ron, First thank you for posting and sharing the pictures. I know this is an old post but it still relevant for new ACR08 owner like me. I am looking at adding the catch can prior to my first track event and reading your setup, I did not see the Petcock Drain Kit. Do you need the drain option? I noticed that you have a 30 or 45 degree fittings connected to the 90 elbow going out, I am assuming this will be needed on G4 manifold as well? How often do you drain the media can (after Track)?
    I never installed it with a G4 intake so Steve or others would know for sure. I’ve had a Gen 5 intake on my car since the Gen 5’s came out so I don’t hardly remember what an aluminum plenum even looks like, lol. As far as emptying the can, I did not get the drain. The bottom 1/2 of the can is threaded on the top half like an oil filter. I just reach in there and unscrew it.

    In reference to the volume of oil...I drive my car pretty spirited and probably put 1-2k miles on it a year. It gets emptied once/year and usually there is about 4-6oz in there when I do. Never even comes close to 1/2 way filling the reservoir.

    It’s also still going strong 6 years later without any issues, corrosion, or failure.

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