How would you like to have dinner at our Saturday night Gala with one of our 5 Viper Legends attending NVE4?

Ralph & Doris Gilles, Roy & Peg Sjoberg, Herb & Deb Helbig, Kenny Nowak and Dick "Mr. V10" Winkles have graciously agreed to add their tables to our silent auction to help benefit YOUR Club!

Ralph & Doris Gilles

Enjoy a semi-private table for you and up to 3 of your guests with the Chief Design Officer, Stellantis. Rumor has it he might have had something to do with the Gen 5 design! He’s an overall great guy to get to know but even more interesting is his wife, Doris, a certified track junkie badass lady racer herself! In 2015 she founded Project Beautiful – Inside and Out, a S.E. Michigan based non-profit dedicated to building hope and inspiring confidence in women and families, especially those in shelters or crisis situations. Ralph probably can’t say much about the purported Gen 6 Viper but who knows, maybe he could sketch something out for you on a napkin! Of course, after you see it, you’ll have to eat it since it might be a top-secret design!

Roy & Peg Sjoberg

Enjoy a semi-private table for up to 4 with FCA (now Stellantis) Retired Chief Engineer and the FATHER OF THE VIPER!!! Back in 1988 you wanna know how it all began?? Care to hear about the recently declassified meetings with Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz, and some guy named Carroll Shelby? Prepare to have your ear talked off the entire evening so you better either take notes or record it because you’re gonna find out how it all began from the man that was there to witness it all. Ever wonder why the side and header pipes once were all exposed? What the heck happened to those antennas? Why white mules and only red cars for sale in 1992? Did mule 1 really have a Corvette V8? Who the heck was Felicity? All this and more can be heard right from the horse’s mouth!

Herb & Deb Helbig

Would you and 3 of your guests like to sit with Viper Royalty? Guaranteed to be better than a dinner party with Prince Harry and Megan! Here is your chance to sit with all that is right with VIPER . . . the freakin GRAILKEEPER himself!! The man was in charge of technical development and product synthesis but in lay terms, basically Herb got sh*t done!! The guy fought to keep automatic transmissions, cruise controls, heated seats and damn cupholders out of our snakes until his retirement. Interested in what it takes to make a Viper go well over 220 mph or do you have a Prowler you also want to make into a Bonneville Salt Flats roadster? Herb can help with all that and then some! For whiskey lovers, it is also true that he has a direct line into the Jack Daniels distillery!

Kenny Nowak

You and 4 friends better bring your tools to this table with the man who built the very first Viper (VM1). Kenny literally built the very first Viper! Hear it from the guy who knows more about what it takes to create a Viper. He managed both first- and second-generation Viper prototype builds from the first functional Viper concept mule to the most recent VGX generation. Build projects included RAM SRT/10, SRT/8, SRT/4, 1987, 1991, and 1996 Indy 500 pace cars and others with on track vehicle development, durability and high-speed evaluation experience. Kenny developed LeMans winning GTS-R Viper composite body shells, Viper race teams in England and France at some famous races you may have heard of . . . Lemans 24 hrs, Daytona 24 hrs, Indy 500, North American Performance Rally, SCCA and grass roots racing.

Dick “Mr. V10” Winkles

Up to 5 for this winning table will find out why some say if he just stands near your Viper, that alone is good enough for an extra 10 rwhp so just imagine what sitting at dinner all evening with him could do! Bring your Arrow controller and he might add however much horsepower your heart desires with just a touch of his iPhone (data & text rates will apply) - just kidding! Mr. V10 has been with Team Viper from the beginning to the end and has probably forgotten more than everyone in this room combined thinks they know about a V10! He has sat with the likes of Jay Leno, Carroll Shelby, Ralph Gilles and Ben Keating and all of the TEAM SRT drivers still call him to this day and tell him how much they miss him and now your name could be added to this very distinguished list!!!

I bet ya’ll are getting excited now! Let’s show our favorite people who got our Viper party started how much we love them!