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    Autotrain from VA to Florida

    Wow, great option for East Coast Viper owners ... bringing the car along was only $208.00 heading down and $250 for the return trip. Shortly after we arrived, the loading team parked our Viper off to the side. At the time, they were loading the upper deck. The ramp was 12-15°, so I appreciate the supervisor's choice to hold it for loading on the lower level. Food on the train easily beats airline food! The Flat Iron steak was restaurant quality.

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    Did that for VOI 4 ... only way to go ...

    Met other owners on the way back ..

    Another Party!!!

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    Great post since this may end up being a fantastic option for some owners to get their Vipers from the New England and the Upper East Coast to down in Florida instead of trailering. Obviously driving down is the first choice, ha.
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