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Thread: Gas Shortage

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    Gas Shortage

    Just heard this. As you may probably already know. Experts predict a gas shortage this summer. Which can mean rationing, long lines, or no gas at all at times. Keep those tanks full when you can!
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    Stop spreading the fear mongering news. Get out and drive the damn viper! Have fun with life, its to short not too.

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    Read this as well. Looks like a last mile problem.

    Not enough tanker drivers.
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    Our country is so ridiculous.

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    Well we have been through gas shortages before. If it happens it happens. Experts said 2 weeks of lockdowns and we are fine and a massive spike in April it didn't happen. More people are working from home as well.

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    Fuel Tanker drivers have to carry a Class A CDL with Tanker and Haz-Mat endorsements, be US citizens, pass physicals, background checks, random drug/alcohol tests and have clean driving records. They get paid quite well.
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    If it helps the oil industry and prices......any shortage for whatever reason is good. While not a popular opinion, prices have been way too low for way too long. The last president did nothing while the Saudis declared economic war on our oil industry. People in all phases of the oil industry have taken massive income chops. Time for them to "get theirs".

    I am tired of people calling lots of other professions "heroes", while the people in all walks of life in the oil industry are "part of the problem" and should "get new jobs in their home town" and get out of the oil industry. It is time for the rest of the country to start paying 5 and 6 dollars a gallon for gas. Then everyone can line up at the local charging stations (which don't exist) to charge their Teslas that cost 3 times more with electricity from 40 year old power plants that can't be replaced because they are "not green". We can do all this during the mid summer heat in Texas where there is not even enough electricity for usage during the winter time.

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    Thanks GTS Dean, because many folks jump quickly to conclusions and don't stop and realize how beneficial other workers can be to the rest of us. Some are not aware that some Tanker drivers lost their jobs due to the Pandemic and low fuel usage. Some gained other employment and may not have a desire to return to their previous job. We have been in a National Shortage for the Trucking Industry for quire awhile , so many Firms are offering pretty solid pay across the spectrum. Things will likely ramp back up as they have during past situations so I agree with those who opt to stay calm and not get into the " Fear Mongering " we seem to do concerning so many things in life nowadays. Funny, for us old farts, how many of these situations have occurred over and over in the past decades, but they did not get promoted with such a vengeance ( or daily ) when we just had newspapers and the Pony Express, haha.
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