Copied from a Dave6666 post:

I drive my car in 100+ temps and don't run hot. One of the problems is people go the Pep Boys route on these cars. The factory engineers were/are not stupid. Just because you can pull a factory part off and replace it with something else that has no documented evidence that it works, doesn't mean you should. I believe that action is commonly called upgrading. You know, taking a factory item off and replacing it with something else even if the something else is junk. Your coolant fits that ticket and there are many cooling things people try instead of addressing the root cause of their issue.

I'd be interested to know a few things about what you have done that are in your list.

*Factory radiators are unicorn parts these days. Did you truly indeed have one stashed away? An OEM Mopar Gen 2 radiator?

*What bigger fan? The OEM later model factory Gen 2 fan? Or an aftermarket fan? If so, what brand and what shroud?

*180 stat is a good choice although it won't affect your operating temp. Thermostats don't cool the car.

*The silicone hoses are also a good choice but just like the thermostat don't affect operating temp.

*The water wetter falls in to the category of Pep Boys downgrade. Use the Mopar HOAT orange.

Things you don't clarify.

*Do you maintain the proper level in your fascia bottle and is the hose to it clamped at the surge tank?

*Are you aware the safe/normal operating temperature of the Gen 2 is 225F?

*How old is your water pump?

*How old is your belt and tensioner? Are you aware the recommended service life of the belt is 4 years and you're supposed to change the tensioner every time you change the belt?

Other improvements.

*Pusher fans. I have 2 on my car.

*Vented cowl. Autoform makes a nice one. I have one on my car.

*The Roe duct. It helps at speeds above 30mph but not stuck in traffic. I have had one.

Other comments/questions.

*The 200 amp relay is extreme overkill. Why did you do that?

*My car reaches best cooling equilibrium at 70mph+ Does yours cool better or worse at that speed?