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    Are gen 3 parts hard to come by

    Just bought my first viper, an 05 vert

    Wondering before I start my journey if any parts are on short supply and if so how do people cope with this?

    Also where is a good source for body kits like spoilers front and rear, possibly side shirts etc???

    Thanks in advance

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    Gen 3 and Gen 4 upper door trim are obsolete and known to break ........

    If you need a set I know a guy......

    The suspension ,frame ,some body and many motor / drivetrain parts are interchangeable with Gen 4 and Gen 5.
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    Realistically, Gen-3 is one of the best supported generations between available parts from the aftermarket, salvage, and interchangeability of Gen-4/5 parts in some cases. There are of course certainly "unique to the generation" parts in some cases, but I would not say that there are any unavailable parts that are not obtainable in some form
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    Thanks so much guys

    I just drive 22 hours home with the car and I do truly love it and want to keep it.

    I read some horror threads on the gen 1 and 2 about many parts being obsolete and just had to make sure I'm ok with my gen 3

    Otherwise I would of tried to flip it rather then keep it

    What's the best part source shop viper guys use?

    I like rock auto and ebay most times for my other cars

    Thanks again !!!



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