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    Video World s quickest IRS Viper in the 1 4 mile 6 89 at 205 MPH by Nth Moto

    In case any of you aren't on our social media and/or subscribers to 1320 Video on YT, we recently reset the IRS Viper record with The Juggernaut by Nth Moto at 6.89 @ 205 at the Hail Mary Derby at MIR a few weeks back.

    It was a really special moment for not only the car owner and our team but for the Viper community as a whole with Sal Patel, who has had the distinction of not only the quickest and fastest IRS Viper, but the ONLY IRS Viper to be in the 6's in the 1/4 mile, there with his car racing as well. The atmosphere and camaraderie was infectious and reminded me a lot about why I got into motorsports in the first place, which was great because a lot of times the modern day scene seems more interested in negative pressure rather than positive encouragement for others to do well also. For him and his team, who had accomplished this feat so long ago to be on the line as we followed suit and then edged it out by a touch was really enjoyable for everyone I think as there is a massive amount of mutual respect among both teams. We both know what it takes to accomplish this, and therefore both know how big of a deal it really is.

    As an added bonus Sal's son also bested his Dad's previous best ET which was a really emotional thing to see happen.

    For anyone who doesn't know, Juggernaut is a build from Nth Moto on this '01 Viper featuring all Gen V engine components. Still an OEM block and heads with no fill work, full cooling and charging system, hydraulic roller cam, and built to compete in the events such as Drag Week or RMRW which requires a really robust car. Everything is crazy heavy duty on it, which is also how it got so heavy weighing in at 4020 lbs with the driver currently, which is part of why it takes over 3000 WHP to get to these trap speeds with OEM aero, etc. The car has now made over 3250+ WHP on our hub dyno on One Ethanol R fuel, and is a real deal street car. In fact, the owner just recently did a little photo shoot of him and his fiance both cruising along in Juggernaut and his Nth Moto TT ACR-E, which is still the worlds fastest ACR in the half mile at 222 mph.

    Enjoy the video, and thanks as always for the support from the Viper community on continuing to push what's possible with these cars.

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    That's scooting!

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    Congrats Aaron!
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    Incredible work Aaron. You guys continue to amaze me

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    That is awesome work Aaron !!!
    Well done !!!
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    How close is it to taking overall viper record?

    Pretty bad ass build, crazy that its full weight and not gutted like most 6-sec cars. Congrats to Will D and Nth Moto team.



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